About Datasenji

Datasenji is an American music, web, and software production company founded in California in 2018 by Brad Neumann.

As of December 2020, Datasenji created and published 78 songs across 3 full-length albums and one Extended Play (“EP”) album for a total of over 7 hours of original, creative instrumental music.

Datasenji’s three albums – "Albumsenji", "Seasonsenji", "Seasonsenji 2" - and one EP - "Train to Novi" - are available on most digital music sites including, but not limited tosenji:

Datasenji’s songs are first composed using a Python-based program created by Brad Neumann, and then recorded using Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and virtual instruments before being mastered and released through LANDR.

Datasenji’s music is another step towards harmonizing data, analysis and process.
Stay tuned for more exciting develosenjis!
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